Power of Healing Art, Meditation and Prayer

When we connect with a piece of art we connect with the artist, and the story behind the art.

Viewers often observe how they feel an expanded state of awareness and a heighten state of well-being whilst gazing at pieces of healing art. Each artwork I create has been intuitively inspired, and has a story behind its creation which I usually share on my blog. 

Method of Healing Art Meditation:

Sitting comfortable in a quiet space take some deep breathes while softly gazing over the artwork.

Gazing over the images and colours feel the artwork envelop you with love.

Meld into oneness with the piece of art until you feel the colours and images come alive.

Then intentionally hold your gaze at one spot within the artwork that draws you in.

Softly holding your gaze feel yourself falling into a meditative state.

Stay in this meditative state for at least 10 minutes or longer. 

Healing Art and Prayer

Prayers can be infused into objects such as art supporting your healing, and is a powerful visual tool for manifesting. 


Method of Healing Art and Prayer:

Repeat your personal prayer several times, or the prayer given alongside the artwork.

Gaze over the artwork for a while.

Hold your gaze where-ever your eyes are finally drawn too.

Stay in this healing energy for at least 10 minutes.

Below I've included some of my healing art, also photos infused with Divine light and digital art.

Look below and see which piece your eyes are instantly drawn too, then if possible expand the image and begin your Healing Art Meditation or Healing Art Meditation and Prayer.


After practicing the spiritual methods above, at any time throughout your day you can reactivate the healing energies by taking deep breathes and bringing your focus back to the imagery of the healing art or enlightening images within a photograph or digital art.